Goals For Term Three


I probably could improve on my listening and contributing skills, I could improve in getting along with some people better and i probably could improve on some of my classes like Maths, Literacy, Science and Art. I also got a A++ in music. I also can improve in having more respect towards some of my friends or my classmates because i can sometimes i can lack the control of my feeling or my anger.


I could improve on my skills to contribute to the household and make it better. I could do things more without being told to. I also can gain more patience when I want to spend time with my mum or my step-dad, they don’t have a lot of time for me anymore so it makes it harder on me to accept that they are very busy people and I need to learn that I need to wait for them to have free time.


I could try to control my attitude, because I can take thing the wrong way and I can act before i think about the consequences of my actions. I also could try to get along with people more because there is a few people in my class that I don’t get along with but I can try more to get along with them. I also can improve on how I react to people bulling me, and if I can do that I would use that to egg me on to becoming a better person.