Music Player

If you have seen my Ipod Nano Music player in me right sidebar, and you want to get one here is some instructions:

. Go to

.Click on Sign Up!

.Then fill in the sign up form (fill in zip code only if you live in USA)

.Then click on either MP3 Playlist, or Video Playlist.

.put in names of songs/videos you want.

.Then you can customize you skin for it and the colour and pattern.

.Once you are done, name the Music/video player and click on Save(Get code)

.A screen will come up with 6 websites you can get codes for the player on. if you want a code for Edublogs or other not-shown websites on the list, click on:   click HERE for any other websites and blog!

.Then a box saying Embed Code will appear, click on the button that says Copy and it will copy.

.If it is going on Edublogs, go to your admin part.

.go into design>Widgets.

.on left or right side bar, add the TEXT widget, then click save changes.

.Once saving done, click edit on the TEXT widget, and a typing box should appear.

.In the TEXT box, right click and press Paste, and there you go, your own music player on edublogs.

the best skin to use is the ipod nano one (the one i have)    

   because it doesnt overlap on either sidebar.

have fun with you new music/video player!




Ok, now all of you have probably seen my animal on my side bar. Well, i cant seem to get it to fit in fully. I would appreciate some help with it.

Thanks, James.


P.S: Miss.W, i have read you post on Lochies blog, but it still doesnt work on mine. Have any ideas?


New Nintendo DSi

Attention all Aussies, Americans and English people reading this!

The new DSi from Nintendo is coming to Australia on April 2nd, England April 3rd and America 5th! Here are some new things about the DSi:

. DSi has 2 cameras that are 3 megapixels

. mp3 player(AAC format songs only)

.The DS Store (similar to app store on the Nintendo Wii)

.12% thinner than the DS lite

. 17% bigger screens (3:25 inches)

. Flipbook (new app)

. Built in web browser(new app)

.Pictopic (new app)

. weights 218g

.2 hours and 30 minutes to charge instead of 3 hours

.Sd card slot (32 gb space)

. PictoChat now has a rainbow coloured pen

If you have any questions, just post a comment!