How to put pivots on a Blog Post

Hello, in my previos post, I had a pivot on it and a few people wondered how i got it on. In this post i will make some instructions that you can follow to put a picture on your blog. Here is the instructions, and i will also have some photos underneath each instruction so you can see what im doing too, and i am using windows 7 so if your screen is different don’t worry( everything with a red box around it is what you need to click):

1. First of all, you need to have a pivot that you want to put on. Once you have made a pivot you are satisfied with, click File, then Save animation  instruction 1


2. When you click Save animation, A pop up will come up. Then choose where you want it to save, AND MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE TYPE OF FILE TO GIF (number 3 in the red box) then click save.Instruction 2

3.When you click save, another popup will show, and when it does, DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING that shows in the box, And click the OK button. When you do, a little box saying saving animation will appear, and will have a progress bar that is blue.

Instruction 3

4.When that is done, go into the dashboard of you blog. When there, make an new post that you will use the GIF in. When you do, write the name of the post you want it to be, AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WORDS IN THE POST box otherwise putting in an image won’t work. now once you have put in the post that you want click on the first picture that is next to the Add media part above the post.

Instruction 4


5. when you click on it another popup will appear. When you do there will be a little white box with a loading bar go across the screen and once done loading, a bigger pop up will show, and there will be two buttons saying Browse… and Upload. Click Browse and then a pop up similar to when you were saving the pivot as an GIF file will appear, asking you to choose the file you want to upload. Choose the GIF. (Sorry for the quality of this picture, I don’t know why it did it.)

Instruction 5


6. When you have done that, the long rectangle next to the Browse… button will show you where the picture is coming from. When you see that, click Upload. When you do, another screen will show up with the picture of your GIF animation, and all of its info, and stuff asking you like if you want to place the pic in the center, left or right, i use center personally, but you can choose. once you have done all that , click Insert into post, and then it will show it in the post.

Instruction 6a


Instruction 6b


Then it should show your pivot moving around in the post box. That’s how to put on a Pivot animation on your blog! Thanks for reading, James. Also, i don’t know why, but when you look at the post from the blog, and you look at the animation, it sort of shows where the stick figure goes, i don’t know why but i do know you can’t fix it.

P.S. this is the animation i used for the instructions.


My Pivots!

Ms. W wanted us to make a pivot for parent day. I made one and I would like to show you it. Also, if you want to use it somewhere, ask me or give a url to the post. I would appreciate it.


BTW, the outline of the parts aren’t supposed to be there!

Robyn Moore (Blinky Bill’s Voice Over)

On Thursday the 5th of November, We had Robyn Moore, the voice behind Blinky Bill, visited our school!  She talked about the make a wish foundation and some of the wishes that she granted, and also about C.R.A.P. The words that the letters stand for are Cynicism, Resignation, Anger and Procrastination. She also sang “Happy Birthday” To Mrs. Logan, our P.E Teacher.
I got the C.R.A.P from a booklet that Robyn Moore gave out when she came to our school and the blinky bill saying,  so don’t use it. Also, Blinkey Bill Says: “Remember Life Is An Adventure”.
Thanks For Reading!

Winter Olympics

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are coming soon. is the westernmost of Canada’s provinces and is famed for its natural beauty, as reflected in its Latin motto, Splendor sine occasu (“Splendour without Diminishment”). In 1871, it became the sixth province of Canada.Vancouver is in British Columbia, Canada.British Columbia Canada

Map showing British Columbia in Canada.

The olympics are held in chosen citys around the world every four years. The Canadian Olympic Association chose Vancouver as the Canadian candidate city over Calgary, which sought to re-host the games andQuebec City, which had lost the 2002 Olympic bid in 1995. On the first round of voting on November 21, 1998, Vancouver-Whistler had 26 votes, Quebec City with 25 and Calgary 21. On December 3, 1998, the second and final round of voting happened between the two leading contenders, which saw Vancouver win with 40 votes compared to Quebec City’s 32. The win allowed Vancouver to prepare its bid and begin lobbying efforts internationally.

Vancouver 2010 Logo

Vancouver 2010 Logo

The events are going to be: Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross-country Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Ice Hockey, Luge, Nordic Combined, Short track, Skeleton, Ski jumping, Snowboarding and Speed skating.


A person Snowboarding.


Athletics Carnival

A week ago our school had an athletics carnival. There are three teams. There are Davis, Bridges, and (The best team of all!) HART! I competed in three races, 100 meters (came fourth), 200 meters (Came second) and the 200 meter finals, which I came fourth. It was a very good athletics carival because it had a whole range of events. They included Javelin, Discus, Tug-Of-War, Running, Relays, High-jump, Long-jump and more.  I think that bridges won.

Motivational Media Presentation

This week we had a presentation set up by the group called Motivational Media. At the time, our theme for S.4.L (Or Skills 4 Life) was bounce back to school, which basically means that we are perpared for school everyday even if we have had a bad morning or a bad sleep. Another thing we talked about was rebounding, when a disasterous event happens to you or a family member.

With the presentation, we saw 4-5 different people that had done something that had changed their life or other peoples lives. Some Of these people were: Lars Olsen, A man that had the dream to start up a orphanage at the age of 24, Ali Ammar, who was involved in the Flag Burning in the Cronlla Riots, And more.

Thanks for reading!

When I had to go home from school…

On a day that DFPS had a sports carnival, I got some hair spray that colours your hair. When I had it put on,  I felt sick, but my mum thought that it was the butterflies. When I got to school, I felt really sick and I kept on gagging. As soon as i went to the office, I rushed to the toilet and threw up. I then got the office to ring my mum and say i was sick. 30 minutes later, I had already thrown up 6 times, and mum finally got to school and took me home. I had to get the spray washed out with hot shampoo and conditioner. After that, I threw up another 5 times and dry reached at least 20 times. I am NEVER having coloured hair spray in my hair AGAIN!!!!